Staffer in US vice president's office tests positive for virus: spokeswoman
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2020-03-21 04:41:06 UTC

Washington (AFP) - A staffer in the office of US Vice President Mike Pence,
the pointman for Washington's response to the coronavirus outbreak, has
tested positive for the illness, a spokeswoman said Friday.

"Neither President Trump nor Vice President Pence had close contact with the
individual. Further contact tracing is being conducted," Pence's press
secretary Katie Miller said.

Pence has appeared at Trump's side at the daily White House press
conferences to announce developments in the US fight against the outbreak.

It was the latest case of COVID-19 to brush the inner circle of US

An attendee at a political conference last month featuring Trump and Pence
tested positive for the illness, and multiple political figures who
regularly meet with the president and vice president have gone into
preventive self-quarantine.

Trump tested negative for the novel coronavirus last week. He agreed to the
test after coming in contact with several members of a Brazilian
presidential delegation visiting his Florida resort who have since been
found to have the virus.

The news came as COVID-19-linked deaths in the US rose to 216 -- more than
doubling in three days -- with more than 16,600 confirmed infections,
according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University.

On Friday, New York and Illinois followed California in locking down to stem
the coronavirus pandemic, effectively sealing off America's largest cities
of New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.
2020-03-26 08:03:06 UTC
So has prince Charles.
2020-03-27 00:10:21 UTC
Post by Anonymous
So has prince Charles.
Yep, I heard that. And Me Again and Prince Harry got to the border, before
it closed, so they could spread the cv to their child.