James McMurtry... "Airline Agent"
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2020-02-17 17:15:30 UTC
A cunt tree western song I actually like...

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2020-02-17 17:19:50 UTC
On Mon, 17 Feb 2020 09:15:30 -0800, LO AND BEHOLD; The Pathetic
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does it remind you of the cunt tree you fell out of?

"nads" won't comment on this poast...


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2020-02-21 18:17:49 UTC
Post by Checkmate
A cunt tree western song I actually like...
I like James quite a bit but I'm not sure
I'd call him just country. He's a hell of
a story teller, whatever style it is.

Choctaw Bingo is killer with the video. <long>